Your Vote Does Matter

We are asking that our school board and school leadership recognize that our citizens have reasonable concerns about the growth of our district. We should work together to find out what the majority can support and then put out another bond. That has yet to happen.

Your Vote Matters – Vote No!

The November 2014 newest bond attempt is probably the biggest failure of any in the past. Why? Well you see, they’ve been screaming safety concerns from the rooftops for the last year and a half with numerous concerns campus wide, and now none of those seem to be of importance? Only getting a substantially larger high school is. That speaks volumes and there’s not much else to say.

 It’s size and expansion over safety and smart spending:

A smaller school could be built, and the other campus needs addressed for the same dollar amount of this bond. This bond only addresses a big new high school, a science complex for the STEM high school (including a new 4,100 sf building to hold those “2 science labs”) and a pretty new courtyard.

Federal grant money is available for seismic upgrades, our administration feels those monies aren’t ideal as they won’t address the other facility needs we have campus wide. Yet here we are now with a bond proposal that also does not address those other needs.

Are we more concerned with looking nice, or getting our kids the complete package that addresses all necessary campus improvements? I can tell you if this bond passes, there will be another.

This bond is a phased approach. They will come back asking for more money for the other needed projects they should be including now.

This bond proposal could have easily renovated the Middle School, or even built new on a smaller scale, (that’s only slightly larger then space we use now & science labs put inside the school) and had money left to address the other safety concerns. The current plan adds 15,000+ sqft to our campus above the currently used space of 15,000 sq ft, doubling it’s size.

The number of added classrooms means little when they range in size from 830 sqft to 1,700 sqft., as larger ones can easily be split into 2. This is exactly how the district expanded our schools before, and now they’re out of room. More square footage = the potential for more out of area students. While only residents pay for the facilities.

Corbett Charter School still exists in our Grade School Library, and 472 Charter students joined Corbett district schools this year through “open enrollment” in 2014. The Charter High School has been replaced with a STEM High School. We now have 6 schools in our small community.

Operating funds are used for salaries to add teachers and principals, in order to educate all of these additional kids they bring in. Yet we’re told we have no money for building maintenance or facility needs.

A no vote will not only help to curb the expansion of our schools, it will also send the message that the community expects to see some sensibility return to our school district.

Your Vote Matters!

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