Measure 26-171 Corbett School Bond Measure – Fails

The Corbett School District (CSD) has again failed to recognize that our citizens have reasonable concerns about the growth of our schools. They continue to insist on bond amounts that will significantly grow the size of our main campus. 

Select here for a basic timeline of the issues we face with the Corbett School District.



The May 2016 bond would have been only “Phase One”

The total CSD now wants is 25 million dollars. This is 10 million dollars more than the bond CSD asked for two years ago. (That bond was defeated by over 62%.)

If this bond had passed, CSD would have received 15.9 Million Dollars

The May 2016 Bond was 11.9 Million Dollars. If it passed, the district would have also received 4 million in matching funds. (This bond is about 3 times the matching funds.) CSD also applied for 1.5 million in additional seismic grant money (they were not awarded this money). Select here for the schools that were awarded.

Desired square footage had increased substantially

Square footage in use at the current middle school today:  About 15,000 sf.
Square footage for the original proposed building in the November 2013 Bond: 20,000 sf.

As of the February 2016 School Board meeting, it appears that the new “wanted” square footage is 133,700 SF. We currently use 68,400 SF. This is an overall expansion of over 65,000 SF more than currently in use…. Select here for more details.

Size and expansion before safety campus wide again?

The school board made the decision NOT to provide a list of the projects this bond will cover in the bond language. They will decide only after they pass a bond. The only thing this bond does say in the language is that the middle school (old HS) will definitely be torn down. 

It is possible that all monies of this phase would cover only new construction (this was discussed in February 2016 at board meetings and is audio recorded when the Superintendent presented his ideas for priorities.) We may not address campus wide safety needs and only build new this phase. This is similar to the last failed bond attempt – though it is almost twice the amount of total dollars. Select this link to read the discussions about this at the February 2016 school board meeting from the audio recording:

To curb the expansion of our school district we must again urge a strong NO VOTE.

Send the message that our community expects to see more transparency and accountability to our community and taxpayers and deserves to be heard on the issue of continuous growth. Your Vote Matters.


Vote No.