2016 Community Meeting

2016 Community Meeting about the Bond at the Fire Hall on May 5th, 2016. 

13086980_1729980923881403_5688404189615645575_oWe provided information and a space to have an actual conversation with our neighbors. 

The areas that our group presented information about are typically not areas most of our voters are actually aware of.  Areas like, National Ranking vs. State Assessment Data, Our Enrollment and population numbers, budgeting issues / loss of small school funding, and the information provided by the school district about the bond vs. what they are now asking for.

* The Columbia Grange denied requests to hold bond community meetings there this election. (The date that the SOS group had originally requested, ended up holding a community dance to support fundraising efforts for a school field trip.)

* The US Post Office in Corbett also removed our flier from the public bulletin board (above) after giving us permission to post. When asked why the fliers were removed, the Postmaster said it was because of complaints from patrons that were offended by the flier.

A few photos from the meeting below…