A Message to the Vote Yes PAC

This message was sent to the Vote Yes Web Site on May 7, 2016

By SOS Member Gary Purvine

Dear folks,

I am not in favor of a yes vote and I am campaigning against the bond. However I want you to know that I do not go around and destroy vote yes signs like some people destroy our no vote signs. I do not go on social media and post 13082672_10208221819296009_2804288063969008101_nfalse information, nor do I engage in publishing false information like Mrs. Vo, when she said this is not a  new tax. Of course it’s a new tax.  If it wasn’t a new tax, why are we required to vote on it?  When you are asked why some of the community is voicing a lack of trust in the Board, you can start with this example.

I do not turn away from constructive dialog when discussing the bond measure with a yes voter. I have facts, board documents, official board minutes, flyers from the school, audio recordings of board meetings and third party reports to back up my statements.  It would be good to see you publish your documents when you make a statement, or put out information, rather than see your “assumptions” of cost and projects.

Beyond all of this, the effects of pushing another bond measure without the Administration changing the direction away from growth and towards safety, while promoting this as being “4 Kids” is disingenuous. This is for the path the Administration has chosen, and when they say this won’t bring more growth you’re coming to the conversation too late.  The tenets of no growth have already been violated and its because of this you are now pleading for larger buildings, to house the deliberate overcrowding of buildings that were built to house the real student population of our District.

Corbett is not suited for a large school for so many reasons. Lack of infra-structure (water has been an issue for Corbett with the drier weather), narrow county roads (funding for road maintenance has diminished, yet the hard use of roads in the Winter weather has increased damaged beyond our rural use), no turn lanes to keep traffic flowing, small tax base to pay for building improvements and Gorge restrictions to prevent growth of business are just a few examples.  Yet your PAC wants to ignore these facts.

actualperformanceofhighschoolI believe many of you are blind to the facts which are posted about the problems of our administration and why we do not trust them with our tax dollars or with the management of a new building complex. The community oversight committee is not the solution as advisory committees are just that, advisory.  There is nothing that says their suggestions need to be heard, addressed or followed.  The Board will do as it wants, (which history has shown is what the Superintendent tells them to do.)

Corbett is not a great school, Corbett is an ok school. The Administration has used what can only be described as propaganda with the purchased AP ranking to get parents to drive their children to our school, but third party rankings show we are not really doing that well.  CSD is in the bottom 1/3 of High Schools in Oregon currently and is  not doing what needs to be done to get our students college or job ready.  It seems to me that you could be using your education and experience to evaluate the real problems with the Corbett Schools, if as much time was spent focusing on the “inside” of the classroom, instead of the “outside” we could be making a genuine change that would help the kids, not just build a façade. Link here to more data based on actual academic performance of Corbett School District.

By the way, I am not opposed to improvements, if they are low impact and blend into the environment providing service for Corbett students and a small amount of out of district students. I am opposed to becoming a supermarket for students. The schools on the other side of the river are far better suited for expansion and providing more programs.


Gary Purvine
SOS member


Response Received:

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From: Michelle Gregory <corbettgobond@gmail.com>
To: garypurvine <garypurvine@aol.com>
Sent: Sat, May 7, 2016 9:13 pm
Subject: Re: your flyers

Thank you for sharing this Gary. I appreciate your candor as well as your time invested our community and its approach to education and infrastructure challenges. I like that you think thoroughly about it and I will share your message with the rest of the pac leadership. But if you dont mind, I will wait until Monday to do that. All the Moms deserve a break from bond biz, no matter what side they are on.
And I am truly sorry that your signs have been destroyed. That sucks and it was not at our behest.  I agree with you about the importance of town scale, low envorinmental impact, honoring our history and not warehousing kids. We’ll figure it out if we work together.
Best regards,
Michelle Gregory