Why is the bar chart showing Springdale (CAPS) outside of the local population?

“I just received your mailing on the bond issue, which I can’t say that I particularly agree with, but the specific issue or question which prompted me to write is the bar chart on the inside page. This chart shows a rapid increase in Corbett school population, and indicates that all of the increase is, or may be be expected, to be made up of non-Corbett students. I may not be reading the chart correctly, but CAPS students appear to be lumped into the non-Corbett population, which is inaccurate, no? If the CAPS numbers are included within the “local” bar, than local Corbett student population does increase over the last few years. Appreciate hearing from you on this. ” Sent to this web site as a question on May 1, 2014..

Here is the explanation we sent the same day:

csdnewgraph“Thanks for the question. It can be a little confusing to track the population numbers. The chart is correct. Here is the explanation:

The local (lives here) resident population is at the bottom (in white) of that bar graph. For the past 20 years this number has remained between 600-700 students (according to ODE).  When Springdale (CAPS) opened in 2012, due to HB3681, the district was allowed to fill any available seats with students ( whether they lived in district or not).

* Because of the law they could be designated “resident” but they were not local residents. Whether those new, out of the area students, sat on the main campus or in CAPS, they were above and beyond what we historically had in our district. Read here to learn about HB3681.

In other words, even if every student in CAPS was a local student, their seats, on the main campus, were “back-filled” with out of district students. This was part of the frustration with the community realized the Springdale School (while giving priority to the local students to attend) was, at the end of the day, paid for by bringing in more out of the area students. The pie charts on the outside of the flier should help make our point more clear as to out of district student growth.

Let me know if that made sense.

There has been very little true community dialogue involved in this growth.

In fact, the public hearing the community should have legally been allowed in Corbett ( when the Charter was first implemented ) was skipped ( denied to us ) because our district never legally established the Charter with Multnomah County. ( You can hear the audio from the County Planner who said this back in Aug 2012 at the next link….)

You can also hear where it was stated that the district had no intention of future structure expansion, all the while they were preparing for this bond for a new building: Read here for this information from the County.

( You can download actual numbers from ODE as a pdf that was put together on the bottom of this page)