Grange Meeting 2013

Community Information Night Recap
Brought to you by S.O.S. Save OUR schools!

SATURDAY OCT. 12th, 2013 at 4:00pm | Corbett Grange | This was a resident only event
Several of your neighbors spoke to different related topics. There was Q&A afterwards. The handout from this meeting is available below. You can hear the audio from this meeting here:



About 60 people attended our meeting. Charlie O’Neil, our school board chair attended and spoke in the Q&A. A few teachers/employees of the school district were in attendance ( Mrs. Church, Mrs. Young, Mr. Young, Debbie Schneider and Alan Pace ) also were in attendance.

There were some strong feelings on both sides of this issue.

Charlie O’Neil didn’t like the summary of a conversation that he had with a PAC members after the County Hearing last Friday that was included on our handout. At about 52:00 minutes into the recording you can hear Charlie O’Neil admit he did have this conversation.


*  Select here to download the handout from this meeting.