How many schools in Corbett?

The below was reprinted with permission from a post on the Corbett Citizens Page. It was written by Victoria Purvine, a citizen in Corbett Oregon in 2014. Since this was published the State of Oregon Revoked the STEM school State ID. This has resulted in the loss of our small school state funding. You can read about the loss of state funding and see the letter from the State of Oregon where they revoked CSD’s STEM school, here.

I was asked a question last night about the number of schools in Corbett. Well….. that depends on what you call a school.

My first thought was to list them: Grade school, Middle school, High school, Springdale school, Corbett Charter school and the new STEM High School. That would make six.

But, and this is the part that most people don’t know, in 2008 the main campus was switched on paper from three separate schools to one k-12 school. This involved connecting all the buildings with a covered walkway so it could be considered one school and the reasons given for doing this have varied, but the two most common ones I have heard was to reduce paperwork, or to allow the option to go with an all Charter District. So, in 2008 we had one school in Corbett School District.

Then, in 2009, Corbett Charter School was opened. This school has its own separate State Identification number and reports its information separately to the ODE so; in 2009 we had two schools in Corbett School District.

The next change was in 2012 when the Springdale School opened up and since it is on its own campus most people consider that a separate school. However, I believe the District considers this a satellite campus with a special Program on it, not a school. Student information is not reported separately to ODE for Springdale.

This means, that until 2014, (or this year) we had five years with two schools in the Corbett School District. However, this year the new S.T.E.M. High School was added to the district. This school also has its own State I.D. number and will have to report its student’s: enrollment numbers, achievements, etc. separate from the Corbett High School, just like the Corbett Charter. The result of adding the STEM High School means there are once again three schools in the District.

The community members I have spoken to are not focused on the State legal definition of a school, what they are seeing is the obvious number of buildings, and the fact they know that the grade school building is housing the Corbett Charter, and that the high school building is housing the STEM school.

My feeling on all of this is: in Corbett we are teaching the students critical thinking skills to help them get information, process that information and come to a conclusion. Based on the above information I would expect everyone to reach their own conclusion, be able to state their reason, and hopefully be able to see why each person has ended up where they have.

On another note, a follow-up question thrown at me; from someone who had come to their own conclusion on the number of schools (six) and that was “If we only have three schools, why are we paying for four Principals and a Superintendent?”

Now that started a separate discussion. Corbett Charter pays for their own personnel, and they have their own Supervisor for their school. If you take that school and administrative position away, you are still left with five positions, and now “two” schools. Corbett Grade School has a principal, MS/HS share one principal, Springdale CAPS program has their own principal, the new STEM HS has its own principal and then there is the Superintendent that oversees the district.

I suppose you could call them “building principals” instead of “school principals”, but again, use your critical thinking skills, reach your own conclusions and understand why you believe as you do.