Letter to the Board – Closing the Middle School

In response to the Superintendent’s statement at the May 18, 2016 Corbett School Board Meeting about Closing the Middle School – you can read our letter to the board here.

Superintendent Trani’s Statement to the Board

Link to audio of his full statement here.

Part of his statement is transcribed here:

00003464860910” I feel we have done all we can to secure our community’s support for the safety upgrades that we know are needed. Despite our best attempts the community isn’t able to support the required upgrades….

This is the critical part for the 8 of us …However the lack of a communities ability to support a bond does not abdicate us from our responsibility to keep people safe.

The middle school is dangerous. In good conscience I can no longer hope that we will fix the problem with a GO Bond some time in the near future. I can no longer recommend we try another GO Bond and risk the lives of hundreds every day.

I am formally recommending that we close the middle school building to all occupation by students, staff and community.The specter of hundreds of lives severed and then entombed in the hollow clay tile sarcophagus of excuses and promises to address the problem some time in the future – after a myriad of ever changing demands from various contingencies have been met – drive my consideration of all these unsavory solutions”

The Superintendent went on to say that he had no faith that a future GO Bond would pass. He recommends the board take a year to explore options. He hopes the board will vote by the July meeting whether or not to evacuate the middle school.

From our letter to the board:

” Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 11.19.22 AMHe then offered his list of “unsavory solutions” upon closing the middle school to the board. This list included: 

Taking out loans to buy additional properties where a school could be built OR we take out a loan to replace the building with general fund dollars. Is this even legal? Isn’t this essentially by-passing the taxpayers and the voting majority as well?

Read our full letter to the school board here (5/20/2016).

The Next Meeting regarding closing the middle school: 

CSD Special Board Meeting- Mon, May 23, 7:00pm – 9:30pm ( MPB)
Select here for the notes from this meeting.