Our Spring Election Mailer


Download the Corbett SOS spring election ( 2014 ) mailer here as a pdf here.


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The numbers from 2008 and 2012 were taken directly from CSD’s enrollment data (see below link). The 2014 numbers are from what was submitted to the TSCC by CSD ( you can download the packet at the below link – it is on page 4 ). If the Charter does not find facilities or enrollment for the 2014/2015 school year – it is possible that the total would be “ONLY” 1,321.

Specifically here are the sources for these numbers:

2008-2012 enrollment numbers used above.

2014 numbers supplied to the TSCC  ( on page 4 of that packet )

Info about the Charter …. what was offered… if the obtain enrollment and find facilities.

Here is the information about open enrollment numbers from CSD.


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As of 4/29/2014 the bond information page on the school district web site which lists information from most recent, has not been updated since last AUGUST of 2013. There is nothing about the new bond measure. Select here.

Charlie O’Neil: At the TSCC meeting on Wednesday April 16, 2014 6:00 p.m. Charlie O’Neil stated that details (like where the new building would go etc ) would come after the bond. If you were not there, or would like us to share the audio clip, please send us a message!

Randy Trani: This quote can be heard from the posted audio from the pre-application meeting at Multnomah County for the population increase that was submitted without school board input or without notice from CSD to the Corbett community in August 2012. You can also see all the applications, and timeline about this increase here.  Select here for the audio and that information.

Student Population Numbers: This graph is based on the numbers from the Oregon Department of Education ( based on what CSD supplied them ) and then from the applications sent to Multnomah County for the most recent numbers – as well as the above mentioned information for 2014.  Select here for more details about population growth.

“ENVIRO-STEM” School?  Select here for information about the STEM school application.


 Conditional Service Permit / Conditional Use Permit

The Corbett School District was approved by Multnomah County for a community service permit that will increase the allowed student population for the Corbett School district. ( The conditional use narrative originally submitted by Randy Trani (RT) and Peter Fry as part of the pre-application in early July 2012 asked for 1890 students and staff, in a worst case scenario, and had that been approved our allowed total in Corbett 2,158 total with CAPS/Springdale. ) The first meeting, which was informational, was held on August 23rd, 2012.   You can select here for more information, audio and documents.

The final approved application allows for 1382 students and 80 staff (main campus only). With the addition of CAPS in Springdale ( allowed 268 students and staff ) this now brings the District’s allowed total population to 1,730 students and staff.

According to the Oregon Department of Education Corbett’s local student population has been around 600 to 700 students for the past 20 years.

* Select the below image to download the PDF Case File of the Hearing Officer’s Decision.

Why is “CAPS” listed outside of the local Corbett kids? Aren’t they part of that 600-700 number? Select here to find out why.