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Questions regarding the mailer during 2015 School Board Elections

odeletterDo we have a STEM High School? (Science Technology Engineering and Mathmatics) Currently there is not a STEM high school at Corbett School District. The State of Oregon revoked CSD’s ID for this school. See their letter from January of 2015 here – or read more here.  Corbett School District also lost our small school funding when this STEM ID was removed. The Charter and STEM allowed the district to split kids up into two schools at our high school (on paper) so without that option – our high school was too large. This actually happened because we open enrolled too many students from the Charter in 2014 when they were evicted from most of the campus. That decision by the Superintendent and board majority – and the loss of the STEM ID – means that we now have lost approximately $600,000 we would have received next year from the State. Read more here.

howmanyapCorbett’s “AP for All” high school. Is AP really required?  Yes. To the right is a screenshots from the CSD web site explaining the AP information we shared in our mailer. All Corbett students are required to enroll in a minimum of 6 AP courses over their high school career. We have spoken to many parents over the years that have had issues with this requirement for their students – but to date – we have never heard of any student who has been able to “opt out” of AP. Further, the graduation requirements for high school now also include “college acceptance”. Read about this recent policy change here.



Misc. questions received during recent bond elections:

” Why is the bar chart showing Springdale (CAPS) outside of the local population? “

Answer provided here.

” Do we have 3 schools or more than 3 schools? “

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