What Makes Sense….

By Karina Lande

” I have been asked numerous times by many people what, if any, bond I would personally support. Below you will find just that. I’m curious if others would support this? In an effort to maybe help move our community forward, I’ve taken the time to itemize the costs and the projects. “


(For those who don’t know, Karina Lande has been attending and audio recording our school board meetings for many years. She admins the Facebook Page called Corbett Citizens Following CSD.  Aside audio recordings, she also has the handouts given at all of the bond meetings for the last 3 bonds proposed. Karina also shares her board notes to the Corbett Post web site.)

Here Are The Numbers:

From Randy (Randy Trani – Superintendent) at the February 2016 meeting:

Title 9 – $1,500,000

(Listed in other handouts as “title 9 and ADA as a range of $1.1 – $1.9 million, so let’s go with his $1.5, even though it’s title 9 alone, which also note that our only title 9 need is the locker rooms on the gym.)

Randy stated $3.4 million for ADA, fire life safety, hazardous materials abatement, and seismic to the gym and MPB building. Lets break those costs down. These figures are taken directly from public handouts given at various district meetings, unless otherwise stated.

Seismic to gym – $1,400,000

(Although shown in a range of $1.1 – $1.4 million on handouts. This estimate has always been something the board thought was high and planned to get a more accurate cost on but never did. So we’ll go with what we have and even use the higher amount.)

Seismic to MPB – $400,000
HS ADA needs – $200,000

Costs are not given or separated out for hazardous materials abatement. However upon research it appears that cost is about $5 per SF. So just to be safe let’s say every single SF of the current building main floor (15,000sf) and every single SF of the basement (15,000sf) all have asbestos. That cost would be 30,000 X $5 = $150, 000

Hazmat abatement – $150,000

The same is true for fire life safety. Which is simply fire alarms and sprinkler systems. The need would not include the MS as that would all be part of the new building. I do not have this in a document but I remember (and it may be in audio or in my meetings notes) the cost estimate being around $500,000 and being for the HS and old gym.

Fire/life Safety – $500,000

All of this totals $2,650,000

I am still unclear as to where Randy’s figure of $3,400,000 (equating to a $750,000. difference) comes from.

Onto the bus barn project, which that in itself has been a priority need and then removed and stated as not a priority in various bond proposals, so I guess that’s a matter of opinion but we’ll include it. The costs for this project have an estimated range of $200,000 – $400,000. Since it’s priority is questionable let’s go in the middle at $300,000)

Bus barn = $300,000

Now at this meeting Randy stated $1,200,000 for the bus barn and “district offices”. So it seems the intent is to spend $800,000 – $900,000 that would build 2600-2900 square foot of space for district office. This appears to be the difference I referenced above. Keep in mind the district “office” houses 1 superintendent and 2 secretaries, and 1 finance girl. 4 people total. Also note my idea for a building plan did include space for multiple staff offices, although at 1500 square feet.

In other bond plans and in handout documents it is stated that; “District offices and staff rooms are to be moved from the new MS building and put into the HS library.” Which is currently not being used as a library.

The fact other plans have not included a large and costly district office, and that it is my opinion this can be included in the new additional SF of a new building, either of which are viable options, so I am not including a cost for this in my figures.

When you add all of these items up, they total $4.45 million and not the $5.5 – $6 million that multiple board members and Randy, stated in the meeting was the minimum needed to address all pressing safety needs on campus. This is a difference of $1- $1.5 million dollars.

All safety needs = $4.45M


Now moving onto the building of a new school…..

This is where I expect a lot of debate and I suppose it’s a matter of opinion. Since these are my notes I’ll use the size I’m comfortable with of a 20,000 SF new school. That’s 5,000 more SF then we are using now. That’s plenty of space to add science labs as well as other needs, in my opinion.

Another community member with knowledge and experience in construction and renovation of old buildings submitted a letter to the board in December of 2014. In that letter he went through the needs of the middle school and how it could be renovated. But, he also clarified that only 29% of the currently used 15,000 SF of that building is actually being used for academic space because of the poor layout. This means the abundance of increased space is to the tune of 70% more without even adding to the overall building size.

For a 20,000 sqft new school you could include:
bathrooms 1600sf 4@ 400
Staff Offices 1500sf (250 ea office)
(Randy, Athletics, counseling, spec Ed, district secretaries (2) )
Main office 1000sf
Staff room 800sf
Student Commons/ library 2000sf
Technology & IT storage 400 sf
2 science labs 1600 sf
8,900 sq feet
9,600 16 classes @ 600sf
———–(400 kids at 25 per class)
18, 500 sq feet

Granted my size allotments may be off a little and can be moved around, but in my opinion it is clear that we do not need anything over a:
***20,000 sq ft new school***

That houses 400 kids at 25 per classroom not counting the labs that are left open for different uses at different times.That all totals 18,900 sqft and that again houses 400 kids, we have 419 there now in the HS. Again for me, it’s about size, I absolutely do not think we need 42,000 sq feet added to this campus.

* NOTE: The latest bond has now stated the new building to be built is to replace the existing middle school – NOT a high school as all previous bonds were planned to be. In this case, our current number of middle school students is about 240, the building is using 8 classrooms @ 30 students each. That is a lot less then 419 students that my building size was calculated to serve, based on the previous bonds building a new high school.

In multiple documents I have found the cost of a new 25,000 SF school to be at the $6 million range. In previous bond flyers a new MS is listed at $5.1 – $6 million. In another document the cost for a 15,000 SF school is stated at $5.3 million, and a 20,000 SF school is listed as $6.1 million.

Randy has said at the last meetings that the current construction cost is $310 per SF, but the cost for labs is $375 SF. On the handout given 2/10/16 they list construction cost at $305 SF. This document also stated a science lab size want of 4,200SF which was the size of the separate science/STEM building in previous bonds.

A 20,000 SF school with 1600 SF of science labs would cost;

Labs (1600×375) $600,000
Remainder of school $5,612,000

For a total cost of $6,212, 000

Campus Needs = $4.45 million
New School = $6.2 million

Grand total of $10.65 million
Minus matching $4.0 million (From the state)
$6.65 million

$6.65 is the amount the bond should be and what the district should be asking this community to support, not $11.9 million, and actually getting $15.9 million.

And don’t forget about the possible $1.5 million seismic grant we may get which will then give them $1.5 of our bond funds to spend elsewhere. I feel that this bond is in excess to the tune of $5.3 million dollars, if not more, depending on your agreement with project need, size, and costs. That my friends and neighbors is called paying for expansion and the exploitation of your community, not for the “good of the kids”.

And, we haven’t even touched on this $25 million “phased approach”….

Frankly I am as tired as everyone else is of the bonds and the continual tension and drama it creates. I am willing to compromise but yet I will not sell out what I believe to be the heart and soul of Corbett in order to end it. This is the best I am personally willing to do, and still sleep with my own clear conscience. I simply do not have the trust to give any more.

I will build for Corbett, but I will not build an attraction for the masses. Therefore I am continuing to vote no.