The Loss of Small School Funding

The remarks in the budget document this year (2016) by the Superintendent claim that someone filed a complaint with the State, and that is why we lost small school funding. His statement and a link to that document are below.

1. There was not a complaint filed. (ODE was asked.) 

2. Even if there was a complaint (or a question asked) where is the accountability of this school district’s leadership? Why blame someone else if you commit a crime – or get caught trying to do something that is not allowed?

image1If someone is cheating the state out of money, they are basically cheating other students out of money in other districts. 

The letter from the State of Oregon is to the left.
It can also be found here on the Corbett Post.
More detail can also be read:
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Randy Trani’s full budget report here:

Here are RT’s comments from that budget letter:

” Last year Corbett embarked on an effort to provide STEM instruction to high school students by creating a STEM high school within our district similar to the Charter School that had existed for five years. The STEM high school concept met a very real student need and preserved this very important revenue stream.

However, a few months into the school year a citizen filed a complaint that the Corbett High School and Corbett Enviro-STEM High School were not separate enough to warrant receiving a separate school designation. The District had to stop their efforts at distinguishing the two schools from one another before we even really had a chance to start.

I am confident that had we been allowed to grow the program from more than the fledgling idea we would now see a robust STEM experience blossoming to the benefit of all students enrolled in the school. This is not the case.

I still struggle identifying the motivation behind the report that stopped our efforts at creating a STEM school; a school designed to fill a significant student need.

As an unpleasant by product of that report the financial resources of one of the lowest funded districts in the state, Corbett, have been further depleted. “

Most districts don’t claim to have a school (and try and receive funds from ODE) based on a fledgling idea.

Two schools in the same classroom (with one teacher) is cheating the system. The State revoked our STEM SCHOOL ID because of that. Superintendent Trani and some of our long time board members continue to make statements that infer that it is the fault of those questioning them (or their “motives” as is suggested in the above document) when they get caught doing wrong. 

The fact is that this issue was brought up to Superintendent Randy Trani, in a board meeting months before he pushed through his idea for the STEM (in late 2013). It was said that we were risking losing the funding if we got caught continuing these tactics with STEM – as CSD had done with the Charter – and RT pushed the STEM through anyway. Link to those notes here: