About Us

The SOS group is comprised of many Corbett residents who volunteer their time in an effort to create community awareness. Below you will find the names and statements from the official four committee directors.


  • ”Kathryn
  • ”Lynette
  • ”Karina
  • ”Gary

Kathryn Green. The Green-Pailthorp family has been in Corbett for 46 years. My parents owned property on Larch Mountain since 1967 and I spent my entire life around Corbett and on Larch Mountain most weekends and every summer. I purchased my own property here in Corbett in 1994, remodeled the house and moved my family here in 2000. I have had two children attend CSD (past and present) and my family has been fortunate to have had an opportunity to meet and get to know many great friends and neighbors through our connection with our local school.

“The only way to fix this system is to address the issues. Until we have a school board that can address these issues fairly and transparently by representing their community’s needs vs. protecting the ‘desires’ of the Superintendent, then we will continue to see unnecessary divisions in our community and it will be an ongoing struggle to find support to address facility needs.”

Lynette Kerslake. The Kerslake family has been in Corbett since the early 1890’s. My husband’s great grandfather helped build the Springdale School where my father in law, who is now 90, used to walk to school. My father in law attended Corbett High School, graduating in 1941. My husband and I have 3 children. Our oldest daughter graduated from CHS in 2010. There are some great teachers and ideas at Corbett but there are also many concerns. Two of our children now are attending the Gresham-Barlow school district. (And while they are truly enjoying this new experience and district, our family feels very much saddened that this was the only option available to us after trying to resolve issues with the school’s administration for years.)

This administration continues to misrepresent the truth about how many out of district students they plan to bring in and have for many years. They also refuse to provide services to every child that lives here and they do not listen to concerns of parents of district students and community members. At this point, this family is voting no on any bond measure until current administration changes. We have no trust in this school district leadership or that of the school board majority.

Karina Lande.The Lande/Roberts family has lived in Corbett for over 40 years.

Corbett is a way of life and is so much more than just its schools. Somewhere along the way that small town feel has been lost. It is my hope that through awareness Corbett residents can come together to address the issues and ultimately create a stronger school district for future generations of Corbett children to come.

I’m a Corbett resident and the parent of 2 children in the district grade school. I initially became curious about the schools but I struggled to find information and answers to my questions. After my oldest reached school age, within a year of Kindergarten placement within the 70 kid Trillium Room, there were some issues with her education at Corbett. This lead me to having even more concerns. I went through the channels of teachers and administrators which ultimately lead to my realization that bigger problems exist at the top that effect the education of our children.

I have been attending school board meetings regularly for about 4 years. I ran for the board in 2013 hoping to help facilitate some positive changes and improvements in areas neglected. Following the election I started audio recording to publicly share notes from all school board meetings in an effort to create awareness and keep the community informed. 

I was involved with the inception of the SOS PAC, which was created by a group of concerned Corbett residents. It is our goal to share information in all areas surrounding our school district, as we feel the district itself does not promote community involvement. We care deeply about all of our children, and this community. We only seek to restore transparency, accountability, and fiscal responsibility to CSD.

Although I support our teachers and school staff in their tremendous efforts to teach our children, I do feel political and other involvements have reached a point that parents and community members are now being excluded from the decision making process of our school district. I would like to see more balance in the district and school board, with equal representation of all parties. Years of failed bond attempts, contentious board elections, charter schools, growth of out of area students, are all emotionally charged issues within our community. Our school district has created a divide that is threatening to destroy the very lifestyle that is Corbett. The politics are in the classrooms. The divides are in the schools.

This community is broken. It is very sad, but it is also very real. Corbett is a way of life and not just its school, but somewhere along the way that small town has been lost. It is my hope that through awareness Corbett residents can come together to address the issues and ultimately create a stronger school district for future generations of Corbett children to come. Karina Lande Corbett Resident 2 kids in CSD

” Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.” – John Wooden

I want to start my “who am I” statement with the above quote because of the last bond elections. I have read about myself, and others, online and in the newspapers. There were numerous accusations, insinuations and flat out misrepresentations by people who did not even know us. It would be good if everyone remembers we all have the right to our own opinions and to refrain from personal attacks.

Gary Purvine. The Purvine family has been in Corbett for over 50 years. I graduated from Corbett High in 1965 and both of my sons attended the Corbett school district, one graduating from Corbett in 2010, and the other choosing to finish in Gresham/Barlow attending Mt. Hood Community College and getting dual credits through GBSD’s Metro East Early College Academy. I understand the desire to find the best fit for our children’s education, and I know that there is no program that works for all students who attend a school district.

During the last few years I have met some very passionate, wonderful parents who are actively involved in finding the best educational fit for their children. I am sorry that the manner the Charter was brought into our district was so disruptive and divisive, and I am even sorrier to see the way it is being removed. I believe if the community had been brought in to the discussion and decision-making process (how many students, what kind of transportation, parent advisory groups), along with strong leadership and oversight by those who were entrusted to do so (scheduling, team building, open forums for issues to be discussed), the program could have been successful. We removed the Charter from our school, and the District applied to replace it with a new school, the “Enviro-STEM” school. However, as of January 2015 the State has revoked that new school’s ID and we have now lost small school funding – read more here.

I do not believe the Corbett School Board or Administration have listened to the concerns of the community. Corbett SOS originally formed to ensure there was a balance to the information about the district’s attempts to pass a bond – that would have allowed the district to grow further. We believe Corbett citizens deserve more information about the significant changes in our schools.